What are the Easiest things to sell on eBay?

Traditional brick and mortar shops are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Now everyone is selling their products on various platforms, including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. If you are still looking to learn how to set up a business by selling products on eBay, you can check out our other article. If you already know how to sell stuff on the site, we can move on to what you should be selling. So, what, exactly, are the easiest things to sell on eBay?

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Characteristics to consider when selecting products to sell

The products you intend to sell on eBay must possess specific characteristics to ensure that you don’t lose money on your sales. Use these characteristics as a guideline to figure out what are the easiest things to sell on eBay.

Price (150-300 USD)

This price range offers you the best of both worlds. The profit margin isn’t too narrow, so you won’t have to sell many products to generate significant returns. Conversely, the profit margin isn’t too broad that you face substantial financial risk.

The amount of effort required to process a $1 order is the same for a $300 order. But you can make a lot more by selling a $300 product. Going by this logic, you stand to make a lot by selling $1000 items. However, this is where customer’s psychology comes into play- a customer is likely to make an impulse purchase within the $150-$300 price range. People rarely buy products above this range without due diligence.


Logically speaking, the heavier the product, the higher the shipping charges. So the higher you pay for shipping, the narrower your profit margin gets. Plus, this is just the cost of sending the product. There is also the matter of the customer having to send the product back if they don’t like it. They may be willing to pay for the return shipping (sending the product back to you), but you’ll once again have to pay for shipping to replace the product.

Overall, heavy products contribute to the detriment of the business.

Niche Markets

Stay away from niche products. They are very exclusive and extremely competitive. Niche markets require a hefty investment and can be very risky. Some of the more experienced sellers may even randomly drop their prices to crush their competitors.

Examples of products sold in niche markets include things like high-end cameras, flat screens, etc.


By selling a complex product, you risk higher customer dissatisfaction and increase the risk of returns, leading to bankruptcy for new and old sellers alike.


Holding expertise in the product you are selling gives you a strong competitive edge in the market. If you are an expert in the product you are selling, simplicity or complexity will not be a problem. You should know enough about your product to ensure that there are no dissatisfied customers.

10 of the easiest things to sell on eBay

1. Vintage Items

eBay is one of the best places (except for thrift stores) to buy and sell vintage items. They all sell like crazy on the site- from vintage clothing to old but straightforward home decor items.

2. Phone accessories

While high-end electronics have a pretty niche audience, there are plenty of customers for phone accessories. Phone chargers, back covers, screen protectors, phone holders, pop sockets are used by members of nearly every single household across the United States. There is a mass appeal for these products regardless of whether they are cheap or expensive.

3.Tablets/ Smartphones

eBay is the best place to sell slightly used tech products such as smartphones and tablets. Brand new tablets and smartphones also sell well on the site.

4. Personalized/ Handmade Items

While Etsy is a platform dedicated to selling handmade products, you can sell handmade products on eBay too! Millennials and Gen Z alike love owning personalized, unique products. Since this is the primary demographic shopping on the website, there is a lot of demand for customized products. Examples of personalized items include custom-painted sneakers, handmade phone cases, etc.

5. Computer accessories

While selling high-end tech products like brand new laptops isn’t a good idea on eBay, there are plenty of buyers for computer accessories. Examples of computer accessories include keyboards, mice, mousepads, SD cards, pen drives, etc.

These products easily fall within the recommended $150-$300 range. They are mostly lightweight and are pretty self-explanatory.

6. Light accessories

Lampshades, bulb holders, colorful string lights, strip lights, neon lights are cheap and commonly available in most hardware stores. They sell very well on the website.

7. Fitness wristbands

Smart wristbands that track your steps and your heartbeat, such as a Fitbit, are trendy in the market today. With people becoming increasingly health-conscious, demand for such products continues to increase as well.

Most fitness wristbands are well within $150-$300 and are very lightweight and easy to ship. Because electronic products can be slightly temperamental, you may have to perform a few extra steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

8. Weight-loss equipment

As mentioned before, people are becoming increasingly health-consciousness these days. Quarantine has motivated many to exercise, and people often venture onto eBay looking for gym equipment. Therefore, there is a significant demand for weight loss support/ home gym equipment on the site. You can sell brand new or slightly used dumbells, barbells, weights, etc.

9. Curtains and sheets

Selling your typical everyday clothes on eBay isn’t a good idea. Sizing and quality can be a big issue with customers. However, you know what kind of clothes would be easy to sell on eBay? Curtains and sheets. They are lightweight, and customers can easily judge their quality online.

Moreover, if you happen to be an interior designer or have a keen eye for design, you can provide your customers expert advice on what to purchase and what not to purchase. The price range for them is usually between $50-$300. However, the only drawback is that it has a bit of a niche market.

10. Collectibles

eBay is hands down the ideal place to sell collectibles from Pokemon Cards to vintage comic books to basketball cards. Most collectibles are sold through auctions. Therefore there are a few extra steps that you must take to ensure you make good money.

Firstly, conduct thorough research to know exactly how much your product is worth. Many third-party companies offer to grade collectibles and provide you with a market price. This way, you can avoid over and undervaluing your products and set the perfect base price to start your auction.

What NOT TO sell on eBay?

On the eBay website, you will find an extensive list of banned products on the website. Violating any of these conditions may lead to the termination of your selling license on the website.

The list of prohibited items includes Wildlife, Drugs, Currency, and Fundraising.

Item to avoid selling on the site

Selling any of the items on the list of prohibited items will lead to the cancellation of your selling license. But selling certain products that are not up to eBay’seBay’s standards can also lead to your eBay account’s temporary suspension.

Here is a mainstream guideline on what to avoid selling on the site-

  • Avoid selling expensive items before gaining a significant amount of selling experience. For example, once you have sold about 100 products over half a year, you can attempt to sell something a bit more expensive. Start relatively low on the expensive scale (about $20k), then go up from there as you continue to gain experience.
  • Sell simple, accessible, and relatively new items that are easy to use, such as home and kitchen appliances, office supplies, etc. Such things are decently priced, readily available, and have a good demand for on the website.
  • Listing and unauthenticated and prohibited items will lead to your account being suspended.

The bottom line

You can virtually sell anything on the site. Constantly checking Sold Listings on is a great way to keep up with trends and figure out the easiest things to sell on eBay. The whole process of selling products on the site is a constant learning experience. There is always room for improvement, and the key to owning a successful eBay business is perseverance.


1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Charizard Holo Sells for Over $220,574

We keep on talking about the 1st Edition Charizard Card and with excellent reason. On 9th October 2020, the card sold for a historic $220,574. This is the highest anyone has ever paid for a 1999 Pokémon Base Set Charizard Card.

Charizard was always regarded as one of the most powerful Pokémon to exist, and this fact is well reflected on its card. The Charizard card has the most powerful attack and highest hit points compared to the rest of the 1999 1st Edition Cards. The lethal combination of the power possed by the Pokémon and the incredible artwork done by artist Mitsuhiro Arita made the 1st Edition Charizard card highly sought after. The artwork has been reused in later versions, but the inaugural edition will always be special and well valued.

The card was sold to nonother than the famed ex-rapper Logic, who has released six studio albums and won two Grammy nominations. Perhaps you best know him for his infamous suicide awareness anthem 1-800-273-8255. The song garnered wide popularity and was nominated for Song of the Year at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards 2018. He released his last album, No Pressure, in 2020 before retiring from rapping. However, it’s not like the artist is sitting around doing nothing. Earlier this year, he signed a seven-figure deal with the streaming service Twitch. This was the first-ever partnership between Twitch and a musician.

The rapper opened up about how he struggled to collect Pokémon cards as a child. He talked about how he couldn’t afford Pokémon cards when he was younger despite his love for the franchise. He had even once attempted to trade food stamps for the coveted card. So, as an adult, he can now save up to splurge on and enjoy something he loved as a kid means a lot to him. As Logic said, “it’s not about the material; it’s about the experience.”

The 1st Edition Charizard card was sold once before in 2019 for $36,110 during an eBay auction. The 1999 1st Edition set comes with 103 cards—the entire set sold for a whopping $107,010 in September 2019. Logic buying the 1st Edition Charizard card for over $200,000 is a prime example of the astronomical prices Pokémon cards can fetch and how these prices continue to grow over time.


Selling on eBay in 2021: Over 100k Monthly Sales!

In 2017, a show called Girlboss aired on Netflix. The show followed the story of a young lost, and broke girl who made a small fortune by selling stuff on eBay. The show was based on a best-selling book by the same name, penned by Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso is a multimillionaire businesswoman and founder of NastyGal, who started her journey from eBay. Girlboss depicts Sophia’s process of starting her business on eBay through an entertaining montage, but we are here for the details. To start a business on the site, you need to know how the site works. This article is a step-by-step guide (with a few extra hints and suggestions thrown in) on selling products on eBay in 2021. And earn over 100k in Monthly Sales!

A beginner’s guide to selling products on eBay-

Setting up and getting started on eBay takes all of 15 minutes- if it a side hustle for you, that is. If selling products on eBay is something you are doing full-time or intend to do full-time, you must take a few extra steps that we have mentioned later in this article.

1. Figuring out what you are going to sell

While eBay has an excellent market for vintage items, you need to understand all of your old or used items, such as an old printer or a broken AC, don’t qualify as “vintage”.

Here is a shortlist of the best selling items on eBay-

  • fashion products
  • craft items
  • collectibles (Pokemon cards, basketball cards, action figures, etc.)
  • antiques
  • accessories
  • branded electronics

Now just because the items mentioned in this list are bestsellers doesn’t mean they sell well all the time. Specific brands and types of clothes sell better before the holidays than they do in the summer. Of course, if you are selling products like Pokemon Cards, there is an entire online community to help you decide which one would be worth selling and which isn’t.

You can also use the Explore tool offered by eBay to browse the bestsellers on the site. Google Trends can help you determine what people have been searching for that week.

We are writing this article under the impression that you want to sell products on eBay as a full-time job or something akin to it and are just starting. If this is not the case and you want to start at an absolute beginner stage, skip numbers 2 and 3.

2. Setting up a PayPal

PayPal is a simple and straightforward way of money exchange. Primarily if you’re based in America. As a beginner, you can manage your monetary transactions through eBay’s “managed payments” system. But we still recommend that you set up a PayPal account.

Setting up a PayPal account will take you all of 10 minutes. Just go on to the website and register for an account. Many eBay buyers refuse to use anything but PayPal, so not having a PayPal account can negatively impact your business.

3. Choosing your eBay store

To reiterate, if you’re selling stuff on eBay as a hobby and not as a full-time business, feel free to skip this step.

As a beginner, you can make do without an eBay store. However, your lists will be limited to just 50 items a month, and you won’t have access to any of the promotional tools offered by eBay.

eBay offers three tiers of packages for sellers on the site-

Starter Pack: $7.95/month. This pack allows you to list 100 items a month, charging 30 cents per listing beyond that. The Start Pack is perfect for beginners.

Basic Pack: $27.95/month. This pack is best suited for those who are serious about starting and expanding through eBay. You can list up to 250 fixed-price items per month, and beyond that, you’ll be charged extra 25 cents per listing. The final value fee goes between 4% and 9.15% on most items. With the Basic Package, you can keep greater shares of your profits.

Premium Pack: $74.95/month. If selling products on eBay is your full-time job, this pack is for you. However, as an absolute beginner, you don’t need it right away and can always upgrade to it later. The Premium tier offers 1,000 fixed-price listings per month. Beyond that, you’ll have to pay a mere 10 to 15 cents per item. As with the Basic tier, final value fees range between 4% and 9.15% on most items, up to a maximum of $350 per sale.

With each package, you have the option to pay upfront for an annual membership at a discount.

4. Start selling!

Once you have settled on which product to sell, it’s time to set up your eBay Account. Here is how you do it-

Step 1: Log on to the eBay website.

Step 2: If you are new to eBay, you will have to sign up for an account. Click the Sign In button as indicated below.

Step 3: Fill out the necessary details (username and password) to set up your account, and then click Create account.

Step 4: You will be redirected to the eBay homepage afterward. Click on the Sell button on top of the page, as indicated below by the arrow.

Step 5: You’ll probably have to fill in your contact details, after which you will be taken to the eBay Sell page.

Step 6: Here, you can start listing your products to sell. When listing your products, you place a starting price point with a small description. You can find more details on how to list products on eBay below.

How to list your product?

1. Choose the category under which your product falls. For example- Jacket

2. Then, you have to select a title for your product. Make sure the title is clear and understandable. For instance- Zaara Jacket.

3. Select UPC. UPC or Universal Product Code is something customers often use when looking for specific items. Listing this can be very helpful for them.

4. You must mention the condition of the product you are using. Is it used? Is it brand new, straight out of the packaging? You must make the distinction.

Now you have to add photos of your product.

5. Taking nice photos

Click on the plus sign indicated below to start adding pictures.

Staging photos is very, very important. I cannot emphasize this enough. In this day and age of Social Media, the perfect picture can sell almost anything.

When you take pictures of the products are you are selling, make sure there is adequate lighting, and your products are artfully arranged. This especially applies if you are selling fashion products.

Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to stage photos for Etsy-

Your photos need to be exciting enough to attract customers but clear enough to understand the nuances of the product they are purchasing.

6. Writing a clear product description.

You will be required to put in a lot of details about the product you are listing. Besides getting the photos right, the product description is another critical feature that plays a vital role in selling your product.

You get a lot of characters (about 10,000 of them) to fill out the product description. But while your description needs to be, well, descriptive, don’t veer off-topic. For example- If you are selling a set of barely used Copic markers, make sure to include details such as-

  • How many colors are in the pack
  • How long have you used them?
  • How old is it
  • What can you do with them (paint, draw, sketch, mention details)

7. Picking a sale format

After you have added photos of your product and added all the other relevant details, you will come across a section labeled “Selling Details”.

On eBay, you have two options of selling your products: fixed-price or auction.

Depending on your product, you can opt for either the fixed-price option or the auction option.

Auctions enable multiple users to bid on an item within a set time, ranging from three to 10 days. For example- If you are selling collectibles such as Pokemon Cards go for the auction option. People are willing to pay a good amount for Pokemon Cards. There are several websites that can help you determine the minimum bidding price.

With fixed-price items, the buyer is aware of precisely what they are expected to pay, and you know what you’ll get in return. However, you can list your fixed-price item for only 30 days at max.

Selling at a fixed price is the prime way to go when you know your item’s market value. For example- If you are selling a relatively new Copic Marker set, go for the fixed-price option. Copic markers are readily available in the market, so no one would be willing to bid on them or buy them at a higher price.

8. Setting your prices

People won’t buy products that have a higher asking price than their market values. And while they would love buying undervalued products, you’d be unable to turn over a decent profit. So the price must be just right.

Instead of hoping to make a significant profit from an item, aim to make a considerable amount from multiple items. Don’t just set a price based on guesswork. Do proper research to ensure that the price you have set for your product is on par with the market. Consider factors such as quality and condition of product, warranty, and guarantee when setting the price.

For example- in Pokemon cards, you can visit sites like PSACards and look at their pricing guides.

Note- you cannot cancel an auction once it has been completed, so make sure the final bidding price is right for you.

With these eight simple steps, you can successfully sell goods on eBay and make a large living out of it. In case you are a visual learner, here is a small video summing up everything explained thus far.

How to maximize your profits as a beginner seller on eBay?

There are specific extra steps and little hacks you can implement to ensure that your business of selling goods on eBay is a hit as a beginner.

Set realistic goals

Step one- set a goal. Step two- set realistic goals. One of the biggest reasons for failure in most business ventures is because people aim too high, and instead of taking little steps to get there, they leap, and they fall.

To start of set small, realistic goals that will both help you progress and feel accomplished. Especially if selling products on eBay is your full-time job.

Find consistently good sources of inventory.

If you want to turn over a long-term profit through eBay, the quality of the products you’re selling can never slip. If you’re selling products that consumers can find at any local store, people won’t bother buying them from you (unless you sell them for significantly less).

Behind the success of NastyGal were Amoruso’s keen eye and knowledge of fashion. She walked into local thrift stores and knew what would sell and what wouldn’t. You need to gain such understanding about the products you intend to sell. As a beginner, you don’t have to focus on finding a consistent source for quality products immediately, but if you have expansion plans, then you must keep this in the back of your mind.

Become, like, really good at listing

eBay lists are what gets products sold on the site. If your product remains unlisted or isn’t listed correctly, it will not sell. However, while you don’t have to list every day, try listing often and consistently (maybe once a week.)

Ship immediately

A lot of people can relate to those memes of staring at the door waiting for your package to arrive as soon as you order.

In these times, the sooner the customer receives their product, the happier they are. And we all know a satisfied customer means more business.

Process a customer’s order the moment they pay. Also, depending on your product’s fragility, you must take certain precautions to ensure the product reaches the customer unscathed. Some hacks on safe shipping include-

  • Use double layer bubble wrap for fragile items
  • Get poly mailers for soft and clothing items.
  • Order custom boxes or ask a local business if they’d be willing to donate some to you

Spend some time researching the different companies and methods involved in shipping. Settle on a company that has a nice balance between their shipping methods and their prices.

Learn from your mistakes and grow

While the customer isn’t always right, you, as a business owner, must always put them first.

Your seller rating goes a long way in establishing your eBay business. Your customers can rate on the following criteria-

  • Communication: Was the seller prompt, clear, and polite?
  • Item description: Was the item accurately described?
  • Shipping and handling charges: Was the shipping cost reasonable?

Excellent ratings mean that at some point, you will end up on eBay’s Top Rated Seller list, which will show your customers that you are trustworthy and endorsed by eBay.

Be gracious when handling returns made by your customers. If your return policy is unconditional, then you must honor it. If you do have specific stipulations or a “no return” policy, try negotiating with your customer. If the customer can send the product back in sellable condition and is willing to pay for the shipping, you might want to rethink the “no return” policy.

Grow and adapt to the changing times and changing technologies. As a beginner, you can start small, sure, but you need to adjust to the continually changing circumstances if you want to grow.

Why is eBay an excellent place to start your business?

eBay is very novice-friendly. You can sell products on eBay as a side hustle, or you can turn it into your full-time job and build a business from there.

Benefits of the eBay business model for beginners-

  • Little start-up capital is needed. You can start a business on eBay by selling what you already own or getting things as a gift.
  • You don’t need a degree or any experience to start a business on eBay.
  • You can start making profits quickly.
  • A lot of space and potential for growth and expansion

How to expand your eBay business to make substantial monthly profits?

Expanding your eBay business to earn huge profits every month isn’t something you can do in a day. It’s an ongoing process, where you start out with next to nothing, and it grows into something highly profitable.

Your listings need to be attractive, but they also need to be practical. People should look at your products and think, “Ok, this looks good!” instead of having doubts similar to “Is this authentic?”. Building rapport takes time. Therefore, always listen to your customers. Put them first and conduct proper market research to figure out what it is that they want. Once you understand their needs, wants, and demands, you can work to fulfill them.


In 2020, the pandemic forced us all to retreat to our houses, and all our means of communication were through a screen. This caused a lot of tech-abhorring people to adapt and become tech-savvy. A more significant number of people are willing to make purchases online through platforms like eBay. So, now would be a great time to start a business on eBay that will eventually give you large returns!

With persistence, you can make substantial monthly profits by selling on eBay. Just follow the step-by-step guide provided in this article, and implement some of the few extra tips and tricks mentioned, and with time your small business on eBay can become a booming one.


Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Rare Pokémon Cards

Pokémon card

The Pokémon franchise has been an integral part of the childhoods and formative years of most 90s and early 2000s kids. In 1996, the franchise released Pokémon cards for consumers to play with and trade.

Pokémon are also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. Before Pokémon had become a beloved show, the franchise began with the release of Pokémon Red and Green for Game Boy. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and centers around mythical creatures called Pokémon and their human counterparts better known as Pokémon trainers. Pokémon quickly became one of the most successful video game franchises the world had seen before it was overthrown by Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

The franchise has inspired two super successful animated series’- Pokémon (1997- present) and Pokémon Chronicles (2006). The series’ follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum- who is a Pokémon Master at training and his band of friends as they travel around the world participating in various Pokémon tournaments. There are over 23 movies inspired by the beloved franchise. The most recent one being Pokémon Detective Pikachu released in 2019. There is another movie set for production in July 2020.

In 2016 Niantic collaborated with The Pokémon Company to develop an augmented reality mobile game for both iOS and Android. The game was an instant hit. It had soon become the most used and most profitable mobile app of 2016. There are about 147 million worldwide players of Pokémon Go today. The game had inspired people to get out of their houses for a bit and hunt for Pokémon hidden in their ordinary surroundings.

Pokémon has been providing a source of happiness, distraction, and fun for hundreds of millions of people worldwide for the past 25 years and continues to do so. While it holds a sense of nostalgia for the 90’s kids, it continues to make a difference in the lives of children born much later.

The Pokémon cards are just another way the franchise attempted to engage its players and bring the community closer together. There is the Basic Cards– these are the foundation of all possible decks. Without the Basic card, you cannot play the game because the first step is to lay down a Basic card. Then you have the Attack Cards, each featuring a different form of attack. However attacking requires energy, for which you have the Energy cards. Based on the type of Pokémon you get Evolved Cards. The whole gaming system is brilliantly designed to keep you engaged hours at an end.

As of March 2020, an estimated 30.4 billion cards have been sold worldwide. Today these trading cards are exotic collectors' pieces worth a lot of money. The price of a few first edition cards has inflated over 10,000 percent. The limited supply, high demand, and the exclusivity surrounding Pokémon cards are just some of the reasons why they are an excellent business idea.

1. The most fabulous cards are actually worth a lot- probably more than you think.

The highest price ever paid for a Pokémon card was for The Pikachu Illustrated Card at a whopping $233,000. A man named Gary, with his series of Pokémon cards, had made headlines back in 2018. Gary's entire Pokémon card series was valued at $5 million.

Pokémon are also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. Before Pokémon had become a beloved show, the franchise began with the release of Pokémon Red and Green for Game Boy. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and centers around mythical creatures called Pokémon and their human counterparts better known as Pokémon trainers. Pokémon quickly became one of the most successful video game franchises the world had seen before it was overthrown by Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

The franchise has inspired two super successful animated series’- Pokémon (1997- present) and Pokémon Chronicles (2006). The series’ follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum- who is a Pokémon Master al

While the average price for the more commonly available cards is quite low, highly collectible and rare cards can be worth large sums of money. The minimum price for many such cards can be as high as $200,000. However, more common cards can also fetch a considerable amount of money. For example- the Charizard Holo cards originating from the 1999 base set value between $5,000 and $10,000.

2. Value of authentic collectibles are guaranteed to increase

Like any good investment, the value of authentic collectibles is guaranteed to increase as time passes. Following the basic economic laws, limited supply equals high demand, which results in skyrocketing prices. The supply constraints associated with Pokémon card mean that they become even more obsolete and difficult to collect as time goes by, therefore driving their values up. The longer you hold on to your Pokémon cards before selling them, the more money you stand to make. Many sets of cards went out of print a long time ago, so like all rare collectibles, there is no way, especially a card that has gone out of print, to decrease in value.

3. Pokémon cards can be sold in the global market

The franchise itself is a global phenomenon adored by millions across oceans and borders. So, of course, there is a worldwide market for Pokémon cards. There are several conventions, conferences, and even auction houses dedicated to Pokémon and related paraphernalia. All of this is good news for someone who is buying and selling Pokémon cards because this means that you will never have to look far to find a potential buyer. Many willing buyers also help further drive up the value of your cards.

4. Finding the price of a specific card is very easy

Many websites and other resources online dedicated to hosting information regarding every Pokémon card that was ever printed, including an approximate value for each. Information regarding Pokémon cards is, therefore, readily available through multiple sources. This means that any investment decisions you make regarding them can be thoroughly researched and informed decisions.

Websites such as provide hourly updates on changing card prices.

5. Many collectors out there are willing to pay a substantial amount for rare cards

Collecting rare collectibles and other paraphernalia is more than a hobby for some people, and a lot of them are willing to pay a pretty penny for rare cards. Sometimes, the collectors themselves compete to see who finds the priciest and rarest possible cards. This is a good value driver for your cards, especially if they are highly coveted rare ones.

So, unlike buying selling other products, you won't have to put in any effort in marketing or seeking out your customer. Through a simple online listing, you need to make sure that the right people know what kind of cards you possess and are willing to sell. Then wait for them to come to you.

6. Understanding the market is quick and easy

Unlike the stock or bond market, you don't need any prior or in-depth knowledge to invest in Pokémon cards. Just some basic knowledge that is readily available online is enough to kickstart your Pokémon card trading business.

7. Unopened and limited edition box sets only increase in value as time passes

Box sets are notoriously difficult to find, and while individual rare cards fetch a top dollar, box sets can be worth a lot more- especially unopened, untouched box sets. Recently the famous YouTuber Logan Paul purchased a Pokémon cards box set for a whopping $200,000. Inside, he found a first edition Charizard Card worth almost $40,000. Investing in box sets is a quick way to get started in this business, especially if you do not know the franchise. Provided that the box that you sell is genuine and valuable.

8. Detailed information on each card is readily available

The world of Pokémon transcends borders, so unsurprisingly, there are many resources readily accessible online for you to use. Whether you are a player or want to trade cards for business, there are dedicated search engines to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information possible. As a result, people will not be able to rip you off or undervalue your cards and pay you any less than what they are actually worth!

9. Hassle-free storage

While valuable cards need to be stored with care to prevent wear and tear over time, the effort required to do this is minimal. Specially designed organizers are readily available for low prices.

10. You don't need in-depth or prior knowledge about the franchise.

You don't need to be an experienced investor or an avid Pokémon fan to invest in the cards. There are dedicated fan clubs and professional Pokémon card players participating in tournaments globally. You neither need to be a part of this community nor need any insider info to run your Pokémon card business successfully. While knowledge of the franchise does help, especially if it's something you are genuinely passionate about, it is not a prerequisite.

Tips and Tricks

How to find Sold Items on eBay?

How to find sold items on eBay and how sold listing on eBay word are among the questions answered in this article with a detailed step by step process to help guide you.

What is eBay? is an e-commerce platform or a virtual marketplace and auction site where buyers and sellers can congregate and buy and sell products. You can browse various categories, including Clothing & Accessories, Antiques, Jewelry & Watches, etc. Each product available for sale usually has details such as pictures, description, and a minimum asking price.

All auctions held on eBay have a minimum starting bid, and once you place an offer on an item, you engage in a contractual agreement to buy it if you win the auction.

Top 4 features of eBay

How exactly does eBay work, and what are some of the things you can do on the website?

1. You can bid on a product

Bidding is an effective way of saving money and making sure no one else can buy a product you have set your eyes on. However, once you enter a bid and incidentally win it, you are contractually obligated to purchase the product. And if you are smart and play your cards right, you can end up buying products for much lower prices than retail. But, if you are looking to buy something vintage or a collector’s item of some sort, be prepared to lose some money because auctions for such products can sometimes really get out of hand.

2. You can haggle

Depending on the item, you may be able to persuade their owners to sell them to you for lower prices than their current asking ones. Present a “Best Offer” for an item, naming what price you are prepared to pay for it. Coincidentally, if the seller is desperate enough to make a sale, they may accept your offer or make a counter-offer that you can accept.

3. Take advantage of the fixed pricing if you are in a hurry or don’t want to haggle

If you don’t feel like bidding for an item on eBay or trying to talk the seller into lowering the price, many items have the option to Buy It Now at a fixed price. No elaborate process of contacting the seller or any form of haggling. Like any other mainstream e-commerce site, you can add your product to your cart, pay for it, and have it delivered to you.

4. You can sell products too

Want to get rid of stuff lying around the house? But you don’t want to throw things away since it’s still in relatively good condition? Just put them up on eBay and watch people battle it out to buy your product. Now when you do put up a product to sell, you need to enter a minimum price. Make sure to perform proper research to be able to determine an apt price. You can use sold items or sold listings to do so. More on this later in the article.

However, the process of finding a particular product to buy or understanding what would be a fair price for you to sell your product can be slightly finicky. This article aims to provide you with a guide on how to navigate completed listings.

What is eBay sold listings?

Before that, what exactly are eBay sold listings? These are listings of products that have run their course and it has ended in either a sale or has remained unsold. These listings hold valuable information, especially if you are looking to sell something. Through these lists, you can get a general idea of how popular a category or a particular product is. From this, you can decide your products’ pricing and predict how quickly it can be sold.

Surprisingly enough, many beginners on eBay don’t know how to search the completed listings. You can search through way sold listings through the website. Or, you can use another smart option- a website known as Step by step instructions for both the options is provided later in this article.

How to search sold items on eBay using a desktop

The process of finding sold listings on your desktop is the easiest. Here is the step-by-step process

1. Boot up your desktop, then go onto the website.

2. Log into your account

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to the eBay homepage. It should look something like this-

3. In the search bar, type in the product description/ category/ name you are looking to sell. Try being as specific as possible. We will be using “leather jackets” as an example.

Once you are done typing, click on Search or press enter.

4. Once the search results load, click on the small ‘Advanced’ button beside the blue Search button (circled in red below).

You will be redirected to the page below.

5. Under the Search Including title, you get three options- Title and description, Completed listings, and Sold listings. Check the Sold Listings box.

6. Click on the blue Search button.

You will get the Sold Listing of Leather Jackets on the site.

How to search sold items on eBay on the android app

The process of finding sold listings on the android app is just as easy, if not easy. Just heed the following steps properly.

1. Install the eBay app from The Play Store.

2. Open up the app, log into your account, and enter the product you are looking for in the search bar. For example, “leather jacket.”

3. Once the search result page loads, press on the blue Filter option as marked below.

4. Scroll down on the options that show up on your screen and press Show More. You will now have access to a few more options that weren’t there previously.

5. Turn the Sold Items option on.

6. Hit Done.

7. The page will refresh and give you Sold Listings for Leather Jackets.

How to search sold items on eBay on the ios app

1. Install the eBay app from The App Store.

2. Open up the app, log into your account, and enter the product you are looking for in the search bar. For example, “leather jacket.”

3. Once the search result page loads, press on the blue Filter option as marked above (circled in red).

4. Turn on sold items and completed items.

5. Hit done.

6. You will now get the Sold Listings for leather jackets.

How to use to find sold listings for eBay?

The sold listings available on eBay itself can be quite confusing and challenging to navigate, which is why you have Finding eBay sold listings through this website is a simple 3-step process.

1. Go to the website.

2. Enter your product description/ name/ category into the search bar and press Enter or click on the little magnifying glass.

3. Voila, you have the sold listings loaded for you.

How to use on mobile devices

As does not have an app, the process of using the site on both android and iOS phones is pretty much the same

1. Log on to the website through your browser.

2. Enter the product’s name into the search bar and press enter. The sold items list will load in a few seconds.

Some more tips and tricks

  1. As mentioned earlier in the article, try being as specific as possible when searching for a product. If your search results are still too broad, add filters to the results till you finally find what you are looking for. There are many filtering options.
    However, if the opposite happens and you were too specific about your search and yielded no results, try removing a few words from your search description to broaden your field.
  2. If you want to save the information from the sold and completed listings for future reference, then-
    Click on the result that best suits what you are looking for, click see the original listing, and beside the sold price, you’ll see an option that says ‘add to list’ – click the dropdown, and you’ll be given the option to create a list which you can attribute back to later. You can even assign custom names to your saved lists. To access your lists, go to My eBay, Watch List and click the dropdown option next to the Watch List to select your particular list.
  3. If you find the exact item you’re selling and have been able to gather relevant information and list your item now, click on ‘Sell one like this’ – this will open a new draft and prefill specific fields for you, making the process easier for you and saving you some time.

That covers about everything you need to know about how to find sold items on eBay and how sold listings work. You’re now ready to venture out on your own and perform your research by searching sold listings and selling your products on eBay.