Beginners Step By Step Guide To Sell On EBay

Selling on eBay is a business that is done by thousands of people around the world in their homes. People even earn six figures by selling on eBay. Yes, you can make a decent living if you sell on eBay. It’s that a lot of people do not know about this at all and when they come into the community, they are astonished by how many people are making a living out of it. Selling on eBay has enabled anyone to get started on their business sitting at their homes. However, it’s not that easy to learn how to sell on eBay. There are millions of listings active for the same product. So, it’s quite hard to understand what’s going on. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Tips On How To Sell On EBay

Selling on eBay can be different for different people. Some sell to decrease the clutter in their house, while some do it as their main source of income. Some prefer selling on eBay as a partial income source. If you are looking for tips to sell on eBay professionally, then you’re at the right place. Here are some tips to sell on eBay as a beginner.

1.Sourcing Great Inventory Constantly

Quality of your inventory is the main factor for your profit or longevity on the platform. Start with collecting quality product at the thrift store. The reason for not having any sale during most times is because of the quality of the product, like, if the product can be easily found in any local thrift store. we recommend sticking to thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace and yard sales for sourcing.

2.Knowing What Sells

The key to becoming an expert of how to sell on eBay is having knowledge about what sells. Being a beginner on eBay, you’re knowledge on products that sell well must be very limited. But, work on it. You’ll get there.

3.List Your Inventory

Now, there are a lot of people who spend all their money, effort and time collecting products for their inventory. But, they don’t actually sell them and keep them stored for some future time. It becomes more like a storage business than a selling business. Without listing your products, they won’t sell. But, don’t feel pressured to list at least one product everyday. Listing your products and being consistent with it is what’s important.

4.Manage Your Inventory

Products on eBay sometimes sell within minutes, while some may take years to sell. During looking for stuff that might sell easily, stick to trendy clothing, newer electronics and shoes. Some of the slowest sellers are vintage items. For the longevity of your business, it is crucial to have a constant strategy of having sales, lowering prices, even donating stuff that has been lying in your inventory.

If you sell on eBay, you have to be devoted to the process. It is slow, but if you’re consistent, you’ll get the result. Follow the steps mentioned and you’ll be good to go. We wish you all the luck for your journey. Hopefully, these tips will come of use to you.


How To Find Sold Items On eBay

eBay sold search

A lot of new collectors are coming into the card collecting and investing hobby without knowing a lot. A major part of investing in a card is to research about it well before buying. And by research, we mean, the current market price and the recent selling price of the card that you’re willing to buy on any website, preferably eBay sold search. This will give you a realistic idea about the price of your card. The previous step will also help you to see the sold listings if you want to list a card that you own on eBay.

But, it’s somewhat surprising to see that a majority of beginners don’t know how to search for sold listings on eBay, which hinders their way to an efficient investment. is a website where sold listings can be easily found in the fastest way. With eBay sold, you can search your desired card’s current selling price along with the recent prices by which it was sold. With this website, you don’t even need to worry about filtering free returns, deals and savings, sold listings etc. It honestly is the easiest way for a newbie to get started on his listing.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can easily search for sold listings on eBay through

How To Search For Sold Listings On Ebaysold

At first you have to type on the address bar of your search engine.

Then you will be directed to the ebaysold website. Here, you’ll find another address bar. Type in whatever card you need to know the sold listings of.

Here, we typed for the 1986 Michael Jordan fleer rookie card. Instantly, all the related results regarding the sold MJ fleer rookie cards came into view. Along with wax packs, which has the possibility of having the fleer rookie card, the MJ card with there grades and grade condition has been shown with their price listings. The date at which they were sold can also be seen at the bottom of each sold listing.

If you want to know about the prices of that card on sale, you can simply press on the “for sale” button at the lower left of the address bar, next to sold. Usually, the default setting is set for sold listing. But, you can easily switch to the “for sale” listings with just one click. This helps you to know what your desired card is being sold for on eBay. Also, this helps you to make your own listings. It’s that simple!


  • If your search results are limited, try to broaden your search by omitting a couple of words.

Here, we omitted the year and specification of the rookie card. As a result, the search results are a lot more than before.

  • If your search results aren’t less, try to be as specific with your search as possible. Your desired card’s sold listings will be in front of you if you type the exact name and year of the card. With eBay sold, search your desired card’s sold listings easily and efficiently.


Want To Be A Full-Time EBay Seller?

You may want to quit your job and work as a full-time eBay seller. But, are you prepared for that? Well, you don’t need to worry about that because we did the math already. So, before you quit your job, ask yourself these three questions.

Can You Constantly Source Your Inventory?

You have to search through all your neighboring thrift stores along with purchasing from craiglist, closeouts, facebook groups etc. If you think you can source enough product for your eBay store every week or day, you might consider taking it as a full time business. For a lot of people who want to be a full-time eBay seller, it is almost impossible to source that many products in the given time. Then again, there needs to kept a lot of time aside for listing alone. So, ask yourself, is your way of acquiring product reliable? Can you buy loads of products? Are there other people who can thrift for you?

Do You Have Enough Time To List Your Products To Be A Full-Time EBay Seller?

You have to figure out how much profit you want from your products. Then you have to do your listings in order to achieve that. suppose, your goal is to earn $1oo a day as profit. Then, you could make your average sale price $38 having your average item purchase $8. After that, your average profit per sale after costs, fees, etc. will be $24. So, you’ll have $100 profit and $92 to reinvest if you sell 8 items daily. Again, if you sell 10 products daily, you’ll have a $100 profit and $140 to reinvest. Most stores have a sell-through rate of 1-2%. Therefore, to get a profit of $100 dollars daily, you have to make 10 sales per day and source and list 15-20 items per day. If you are new to this experience of becoming a full-time eBay seller, you’ll find the work a whole lot more than the money you’re getting paid for it.

What If EBay Suspends You Tomorrow?

You can get your eBay store suspended for multiple reasons. Like, for selling fake products (unknowingly or knowingly), copyright infringement, etc. If you get suspended for a long time and your working as a full-time eBay seller, how will you make your ends meet? Experts say, you have to save up at least 6 months of expenses before quitting your job. Did you save it? What would you do if you’re permanently banned from eBay? Can you get your old job back?

You’ll find tons of stories on the internet of well-of sellers waking up and finding their eBay store indefinitely suspended. So, what we learnt from here is, you have to save up. Also, you need to have other marketplaces where you sell your products like, Amazon, Facebook groups, bonanza, etc. You can’t just rely on eBay.

Now, we explained everything to you. So, what do you think? Is being a full-time eBay seller for you? Can you make it work? A lot of people did. So, can you.