Essential Tricks To Maximize eBay Sales In 2021

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, eBay saw 175 million active buyers worldwide. Now, setting up an eBay store is easy. But, to keep your eBay sales up and moving, you have to focus on the details. Much 0f your success on eBay sales depend on eBay’s search algorithm, almost like that of Google. Though, the ways to understand the algorithm is not disclosed to prevent manipulation, here are some essential hacks to drive conversion and maximise eBay sales.

Hacks To Maximise Ebay Sales

1.Get Your Selling Prices Right

The price of a product plays a crucial role to control your sales. A buyer is likely to seal a deal when he has two choose between two similar products and one is at a lower price than the other. This works better when the product is popular and the competition is high. However, you have to protect your margin while selecting your product prices. If you sell tons of products and make very little profit, there is no point on doing so. Also, another thing to keep in mind while selecting product prices is to keep the prices of the same product in your other marketplaces exactly the same. Otherwise, you risk your other listings being suspended.

2.Share Listings On Social Media

Whether you’re selling iPhone covers, GNC Pro Performance Fitness Pills, Eileen Fisher clothes, you will find various groups on Instagram and Facebook interested in these items. Not only the above mentioned platforms, but you can also find communities of potential customers even on Twitter and Pinterest.

If you spend a fraction of your time to post on your social media platforms, you’ll be sending your product listings to interested and potential customers. This will in turn step up your sales game.

3.Arrange Fast And Free Shipping Whenever Possible

People love to see the items they bought will be sent to them for free. So, it’s a very helpful tactic offer free shipping whenever possible. But, first you have to check the cost. Like, usually, light and small items can be sent within a fixed price expediting eCommerce shipping. If you add that to the original price of the product and cancel the shipping fee, you’ll maximise eBay sales in your listings.

Also, fast shipping is another huge factor that expedites sales profusely. So, it’s crucial to have a fast delivery service. For that, you can allocate a time every week or everyday to send the products.

4.List New Items Regularly

Active stores offer new products and in turn they are rewarded with more sales and revenue. It is found that, often times than not, the algorithm favors new products and facilitates sales with new listings everyday. If you think you’re not going to have time for some days, use the scheduling feature to maximize eBay sales.

5.Attract Views Using Keywords

Use keywords that consumers are likely to type in to search products of your listings. Also, research some common searches that are related to your products. make sure your keywords are 3 to 5 words long and related to your products’ otherwise it violates eBay’s policy. Use the keywords in your custom categories, meta tags, image alt tags, page titles, store description, etc.

Also, for more information relating to hacks of how to maximize eBay sales, check out this video.